Yes we like auctions here at The Cracked Block, but we like the traditional local estate auctions to find the buys, though they are few and far between.

But for pure spectacle, entertainment and fun you can’t beat the big national auctions like Barrett-Jackson and Mecum. Both Barrett-Jackson and Mecum come to the East coast now after neglecting this part of the country for years, so now we don’t have to travel so far to join in the zaniness.

We’ve been attending Mecum in Harrisburg since they started there in 2014, and even picked up an original 1924 Douglas motorcycle for not to crazy money back then. But as the auction became more well known it is a spectator sport for us now.






This year we attended mainly to see theĀ Barris Hollywood Star Car Collection selling.

Some of our favorites included in the auction were the 1966 Pontiac GTO MONKEEMOBILE. It hit 200k but did not meet reserve. The love seat all the way in the back, totally awesome.

Then of course the iconic (for those over 50) 1964 DRAGULA from the TV show The Munsters, with a great back story about Grandpa Munster (Al Lewis) wanting one last ride in this car before he died. Unfortunately the car could not be made ready in time so his ashes were taken for a ride instead. This car got to 70k but again not even close to reserve.

Also up for sale from the collection were a Batmobile, James Bond Aston Martin, Speed Racer Mack 5, and Scooby Doo van. All of these were replicas from the Barris collection but still awesome cars. Out of this group only the Scooby Doo van met reserve and sold for $27,500.

All in all we had a great time. It was quite a show. See you next year.